Real Estate Farming

Cole Realty Resource can assist your real estate farming efforts for maximum results.

Real estate farming is a tried and true way for real estate professionals to drum up business around properties they just listed or sold, as well as in neighborhoods they’d like to prospect in. However, it's vital to not only know where to focus your efforts, but also update your techniques to stay current with today's market.

Farming the right areas

Farming implies growing something. In this case, that's future business. Real estate agents and brokers know that farming the right area can turn strangers into clients, but the key is knowing which area to farm and continuing to nurture that area with regular contact to the homeowners who live there. This can easily be done via a postcard or a telemarketing campaign. No one has the time, energy and money to simply guess when it comes to which neighborhoods should be targeted. Fortunately, Cole Realty Resource can help professionals narrow their efforts using Google Maps technology to give an aerial view of neighborhoods, allowing agents to see where the majority of their efforts should be focused and how to do so efficiently.

Growing prospects into clients

In order to farm successfully, professionals need a starting point. This can be anything from a home they just listed or sold to a property that’s having an open house. Cole Realty Resource provides a database of homeowners that is constantly updated, giving agents and brokers access to names, phone numbers, zip codes and other vital household details to assist in direct mail and telemarketing efforts. We allow our customers to search our database as many times as they want and download as many prospect files as they want.

Streamlining the process

Cole Realty Resource has made the farming process easier by ensuring compatibility with whatever tools are used. No matter which dialer, CRM system or print company a professional uses, they can download our information and upload it in the applicable format.

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